Cruise Restaurant & Bar, Circular Quay

Will make this a super quick post before I head off to bed~ Last night, the boy & I dined at Cruise Restaurant & Bar located at the Overseas Passenger Terminal. Luckily for us, we scored free parking on Harrington St corner of Argyle St - it was so windy yesterday! My dress kept flying up, oh my :O at least we only needed to walk 2 minutes away!


I was so glad the sun was still up :) The interior is quite stylish and modern with a lovely atmosphere for a date.
While I’m sitting on the plush leather seating admiring the amazing view & sipping on my champagne, I noticed the boy was staring as well .. though not at me! But at the long-run mirror behind me reflecting the cones of the Sydney Opera House and the constant ripples of the waves being rocked back and forth by the passing ferries. Almost like a panoramic view!
   amouse bouche
Amuse Bouche - mushroom & shiso soup
Wonderfully delicate clear broth packed full of robust flavours!
buffalo mozzarella
Entree - Buffalo mozzarella wrapped in jamon with crisp finger fennel dressed with a balsamic reduction, red pepper & basil oil
I love when Chef’s take pride in their presentation, look at all the bright colours; Definite winner of a dish ♥ I would come back just for this! Though I would have preferred a bit more of the balsamic reduction for an extra tang :)
Main -
Pan roasted fillet of wild river Barramundi with cherry tomatoes, pencil leeks, fennel, basil & grilled lime
I expected this dish to be in a creamy sauce or a heavy tomato-based sauce, but I more than welcomed this! Oh what seemingly appears to be Asian greens are in fact pencil leeks ^^” divine complement with the Barramundi. Bravo Jason Lucas~

Head Chef Jason Lucas focuses on his specialty as he presents a beautiful modern interpretation of Italian cuisine. His style captures the robust flavours of the season’s finest produce and bends the rules of tradition with artistic flair. - could not have said it better myself

chat potatoes
Side - Truffle scented chat potatoes with fresh herbs

Pre-dessert - pineapple sorbet, pineapple pieces, cinnamon crumble, mint & cinnamon whip with coriander garnishing
   chocolate marquise
Dessert - Chocolaté marquise with a raspberry sorbet, hazel nut tuille biscuit & native voila

          the boy
                                                                                                                     xx until next time.

Cruise Restaurant & Bar -
Level 1-3 Overseas Passenger Terminal
Circular Quay West
The Rocks, Sydney NSW 2000

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